Production of cold mixtures in mobile mixing centre

The mixing centre has its own power unit and therefore it is independent on power supply. The mixing centre can work directly in the site, a quarry, or in a suitable interdeck.

Processing of recycled material in a mobile asphalt mixing plant KMA

The principle of this technology is use of waste R-material, coming from road milling for new bed or bases of roadways. This material is cold-processed in the mobile asphalt mixing plant, being enriched with the bonding agent according to the laboratory request (cement, bitumen, water, crushed aggregates), and after mixing, it is transported with a feeding belt onto a truck. The cold pre-coated mixture is convenient for base course made by a finisher.

Further possibilities to use the mobile mixing plant

  • Manufacturing of aggregates hardened by cementation
  • Manufacturing of strain-hardened aggregates, when exact determination of individual fractions is possible.
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