Milling and laying of road surface

Roadway surface milling

When repairing roads, motorways or local roads, we today cannot do without a device for cold milling of the roadway surface. Road profile milling machines are used for removal of old layers especially when it is necessary to keep the original profile grade of roadway surface after laying new surface courses. It is also possible to use this device for surface roughening in danger zones, to level and smooth unevenness of the surface etc.
If the original profile grade of roadway surface is required, and both of the top courses are unsatisfactory, the milling is also a supplementary process during the hot recycling in site. In such a case, only the original wearing course is milled, while the base course is recycled by means of the remix technology (after this the wearing course is laid in the traditional way), or using the remix plus technology

Technologies available by our company:

  • Milling machine Wirtgen W 1000

This is a milling machine on the wheel undercarriage with a dismountable belt for milled material removal. The width of milling is 1000 mm and maximum depth is 120 mm.

  • Milling machine Wirtgen W 2000

This is a strong road-milling machine on the caterpillar undercarriage, convenient for modern repair works of roads with a high daily performance. This milling machine is equipped with a level control device. The width of milling is 2000 mm and maximum depth is 320 mm.

Laying of bituminous mixtures

Our company has the following technologies:

  • Vögele 1800 finisher
  • Pavement finisher Dynapac Hanta
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